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Premium Cat Food

Tuckers Pet & Produce is your one stop shop for a large range of premium cat food that will surely satisfy the fussiest cats!

We make sure you kitty has the best advantage in life and we do that by providing an extensive range of top leading popular brands that will meet and exceed the requirements that you cat needs and deserves!

Tuckers is everywhere across Australia!

Tuckers is a group of more than 200 independent stores that have united under the Tuckers name. That means we're still local but since we've banded together we can offer top brands at competitive rates to rival any big multinational.

What's even better is that by supporting Tuckers with your purchases you'll be putting your hard earned cash back into the community you care about. Tuckers support local farmers, growers, producers and small family-run businesses.

We are here 24/7

With so many stores it's easy to drop in to Tuckers and pick up your kitty cat some holistic premium cat food. Make your trip worthwhile with our online Click N Collect service. Just select what you need and when you turn up at our doorstep and we'll have everything ready to go.

Save yourself a trip into town by ordering any time of the day with our 24/7 online store - we can deliver your purchase straight to you.

Come in and pick up some great holistic premium cat food at an affordable price!