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Chook Health Care

Tuckers Pet & Produce is your local, independently owned and operated pet store that offers you special mates rates while supporting the local economy.

We're all about providing you high quality health care for your chooks so your hens stay healthy for longer. Tuckers provides a range of health care for chooks that suit hobby farmers, the backyard chook farms or massive egg-farmers.

We make it easy for our mates

At Tuckers we like to treat our customers like part of the family. We do this by offering competitive rates, warm and friendly customer service and easy buying options.

Live a little far out? No worries, make your trip worthwhile with our great Click N Collect service. Take your time to browse through our range, choose what you need, and then when you're next in town we'll have everything ready for you - hassle free! Otherwise you can jump onto our 24/7 online store and we'll deliver your chook bits and pieces right to your door.

Looking after the community

Tuckers is a group of over 220 independent retailers that work together to create group buying power so that we can keep our prices low. Each store is 100% independently owned so when you come to Tuckers you're supporting our local and family-run Aussie businesses.

We have your chooks covered when it comes to health care - have a browse at our large range of quality chook care products!