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Horse Supplements

At Tuckers, we have a large range of horse supplements to help support the health and wellbeing of your horse at any stage of life.

We are a group of over 220 independent stores who have come together to benefit from our group buying power to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Tuckers Pet & Produce stocks popular, generic and high quality hore supplements at an affordable, low cost!

Horses are important to us..

At Tuckers, we have a passion for keeping your horse healthy and that's why we have a goal to provide you with the perfect product for your horse at a low price!

We are locals, just like you

We're all about supporting the local community, as Tuckers member stores are 100% independently owned and operated. You know your money is going right to your local, family-run businesses.

We also look after our local customers by offering a convenient Click N Collect service. Make a list of what you want online and then we'll get everything ready for you to pick up when you come into town. Or jump online and use our 24/7 online store. Whether online or in person, Tuckers aims to give you top notch customer service and treat you like a good mate.

Shop online at your local Tuckers Store to find top quality, low cost horse supplements and more!